Your Online Strategy- Optimized.
We deliver online results like dollars raised, email addresses acquired, online traffic, and targeted messaging. Whether it’s $12 million dollars raised online for US Senator Scott Brown or 30,000 new email addresses for US Rep. Dan Burton, The Prosper Group delivers.

It all begins with a professional website design, like our award winning website for US Rep Michael Grimm. Then you need a compelling message, like our widely successful viral videos for Christine O’Donnell (The TAXMAN) and Sharron Angle (Welcome to Nevada, Mr. President).

Telephone Voter Contact - Maximized.
We help campaigns maximize their telephone voter contact results by enabling volunteers to average 93 calls per hour like we did for Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, or make 5.2 million calls in their campaign like we did for Governor Rick Scott of Florida.

How do we do it?
The Prosper Group does this by valuing personalized customer service managed by a competent staff. We believe it is important to handle our design and development in house instead of passing your work on to a free-lancer.

In addition, we believe in getting things done. That’s why we aren’t overloaded with business development staff. We believe that we need to have more do-ers than consultants.