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Emerging Media Strategy

With decades of experience operating at the leading edge of communications tech, the Prosper Group has an unparalleled commitment to innovation.  Our team will work alongside you to develop a 21st century media strategy that engages your audience when and where they are.

Digital Donor Programs for Campaigns and Causes

Online fundraising strategy requires a coordinated deployment of diverse tactics.  Our team integrates email, peer-to-peer text and multimedia messaging, and shortcode messaging with first-party audiences, along with rented or shared subscriber lists to build a comprehensive plan to engage possible digital donor audiences for your organization.  

Connected and Interactive Media Buying

Modern media has moved beyond the confines of linear broadcast television, radio, direct mail, and OOH to include a nearly-infinite (and ever changing) list of digital, mobile, and internet connected options for advertisers.  We work with our clients to build a stratified plan that considers the types of engagements that matter most, and budget around your target audiences. 

Unified Creative and Copywriting

Media buying requires a message – and our in-house team will take your vision and voice and create a cohesive, consistent array of digital static, motion, video, and audio advertisements designed to achieve results on their intended platform.

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