Executive Vice President

Andrew Finnan

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."

Gen. George Patton

Andrew Finnan

Say hi to Andrew Finnan, an accomplished political consultant who firmly believes in letting data guide the way. With a rich background working alongside esteemed clients like Governor Kemp and three presidential campaigns spanning two decades, Andrew has mastered the art of utilizing data to craft winning strategies.

Throughout his tenure at The Prosper Group, Andrew's role has evolved from Director of Accounts to Executive Vice President, where he skillfully marries data and advertising to deliver efficient and targeted digital campaigns. Leading a team of digital experts, he ensures they stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and tools, empowering them to leverage data-driven insights for maximum impact.

With a keen eye for online tactics, targeting, data modeling, and optimization, Andrew consistently creates successful digital strategies for political campaigns, advocacy organizations, and corporate clients across North America and Europe.

Notably, Andrew spearheaded the digital strategy for the Kemp for Governor campaign in Georgia, resulting in one of the state's largest voter turnouts and securing an historic victory.

Prior to joining The Prosper Group, Andrew showcased his expertise as the Digital Media Manager for Jeb 2016. He also served as Executive Producer at American Crossroads during the 2012 election cycle, further contributing to his extensive experience.

A graduate of St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas, Andrew holds a BA in Political Science. Currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, he cherishes the company of his two Corgis, Auggie and Georgie, and spending time in the kitchen.