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Make Data-Driven Decisions

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PG Pro Tip

Digital Done Right | Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use data to make your strategic decisions. Don't spend your budget on "gut feelings."

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Digital Hospitality

Topics: Podcast, Week in Review, Social Media, Email, House File, Testing
Dan discusses the importance of sharing a warm welcome for supporters across your digital channels and talks landing page testing in the weekly digital tip.
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Text Messaging for Political Fundraising

Topics: Fundraising, SMS, Testing, House File, Text Messaging, Small-Dollar Fundraising

Move Over Email; I Have a New Text Alert!

A decade ago, email fundraising was king. Teams of campaign staffers were dedicated to priming, primping, crafting, and sending highly targeted electronic mail appeals. Now the mediums we utilize have diversified, and one channel is finally giving email marketing some competition — fundraising via text messages.

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Top 5 Tips to Make GREAT Fundraising Selfie Videos

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The Prosper Group

You can’t jump on social media without seeing one. From TikTok teens to celebrities and athletes to world leaders, selfie videos are all the rage.

Selfie videos have emerged as a highly effective communication tactic in the world of political marketing – particularly when it comes to online fundraising.

Make Great Fundraising Selfie Videos

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What Facebook’s Ability to Opt-Out of Political Ads Means for Campaigns

Topics: Facebook, Twitter, Advertising, Testing, Digital Acquisition

We are here to help you understand Facebook’s recent change to its advertising platform and how it impacts advocacy organizations and political campaigns. 

As you likely know, Twitter banned all political advertising on its platform this past November. Since then, many on the left – including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden – have pressured Facebook to follow suit.

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Winning Edge in a Competitive Race; Early Investment Matters!

Topics: Advertising, Email, Websites, Brian Kemp, Georgia, The Prosper Group, Testing, Branding, Digital Acquisition

Here at The Prosper Group, we are incredibly proud of the successful (and award-nominated!) digital campaign we designed and executed - in coordination with Georgia-based Parlay Marketing Partners - on behalf of the Kemp for Governor campaign in the 2018 election cycle.

We were hired early on in the race, and the going was not always easy.

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Tips for Political Advocacy in the Digital Age

Topics: Advocacy, Public Affairs, Testing

Petition drives, calling campaigns to office holders, sending letters to the editor and op-eds to local papers, even protests… for decades, these have been among the standard go-to actions for groups advocating for law or policy changes.

And today – in an age when we manage so much of our daily lives online – it is equally critical to develop smart digital strategies to identify, engage, and mobilize supporters to a cause.

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The Prosper Group Wins Four Prestigious Reed Awards for Digital Excellence

Topics: Testing, Awards, Reed Awards, Websites, Advertising, Social Media

Las Vegas, NV – Campaign and advocacy professionals from across the nation and far beyond gathered at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Friday for the 2017 Reed Awards & Conference.

The Reeds, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, “embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design.”

The awards ceremony was held Friday evening following a full day of panels and roundtables. The Prosper Group was up for awards in thirteen categories for its work in 2016.

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