Republican Digital Top 10 Magical Moments of the 2010s

Topics: Republican, Digital Marketing, Winning, Wisconsin, Will Hurd, Scott Walker, 2016 Election, Scott Brown, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Brian Kemp, Trump, Elise Stefanik

As a top Republican digital firm, the 2010s was a historic decade.  From top Republican campaigns to grassroots movements and digital advocacy to online fundraising, the decade was nothing short of memorable.

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Celebrating an Amazing Decade of Digital Success

Topics: Small-Dollar Fundraising, Advertising, Scott Walker

What a milestone – it's actually a little bit hard to believe. 

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the day we opened our doors!

That day ten years ago seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time. And it's amazing to think about the exponential upward trajectory of our industry over the last decade, and the incredible impact we've made along the way.

These days, nothing is hotter than digital. It's ubiquitous. Every consultant and every vendor is scrambling to label themselves a "digital expert" or "digital firm". 

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