43 Amazing People, 3 Reed Awards, and Incredible Clients

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If you read my subject line, you know I have some exciting news to share with you. 

But first, I want to take a moment to lift up our team at The Prosper Group. Please indulge me for a moment. 

We have amazingly talented people at PG who are client-focused and strive to see others succeed. PG Team members embody our core values of Being Mountain Climbers, Striving for Excellence, and Leaving our Egos at the Door

This values-driven approach creates big wins for PG, our clients, and each other. 

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Reed Awards

The Prosper Group Wins 3 Reed Awards for Online Targeting

Topics: Reed Awards, Awards, Daniel Cameron, Justin Holland, Josh Berkowitz
The Prosper Group

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Prosper Group announced today that it led the pack in online advertising at the 2020 Reed Awards, bringing home top honors in three categories. 

The Reed Awards are hosted by Campaigns & Elections, named after the journal's founder Stanley Foster Reed. Along with the American Association of Political Consultants' Pollie Awards, the Reed Awards are considered the preeminent awards in the political communications and public affairs industries.

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