Off-Year Fundraising: Taking Away the Democrats' Edge

Topics: Expert Advice, Small-Dollar Fundraising, Fundraising, House File

Six Great Tips for GOP Off-Year Fundraising

Republican candidates and Republican elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels need to continuously invest in their online fundraising throughout the election cycle.

We have six (6) expert tips on what you can be doing right now to build your small-dollar fundraising.

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What Does a Digital Director Do?

Topics: Expert Advice, Campaign Staff, Small-Dollar Fundraising, Fundraising, Republican

Digital Directors Play Increasingly Essential Roles on Republican Campaigns

In today's elections and political campaign world, digital campaigning IS campaigning. The Digital Director plays a growing and crucial leadership role in all strategic aspects of Republican campaigns.

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The House File: A Small-Dollar Fundraiser's Guide

Topics: House File, Small-Dollar Fundraising, SMS, Email Fundraising, Advertising, Expert Advice, Text Messaging

How Republicans Win at Small-Dollar Fundraising

Kurt Luidhardt's House File Guide
Kurt Luidhardt's House File Guide

One of the most crucial small-dollar fundraising assets of any Republican campaign is often the most overlooked — your email house file.

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Campaign Staff: 7 Essential Roles for Republican Campaigns

Topics: Campaign Staff, Republican, Elected Officials, First-Time Candidates, Strategy, Expert Advice, General Consulting, Polling, Digital Marketing, Fundraising, Small-Dollar Fundraising

Build Your Winning Republican Campaign Team

Whether you're running state-wide for U.S. Senate or running for a legislative seat or local office, all Republican campaigns have vital roles to fill. These roles are just as crucial for first-time candidates as they are for incumbents.

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Thinking About Running for Office? Who You Should Talk To First

Topics: Expert Advice, General Consulting, Fundraising

Your Digital Startup Guide for Political Campaigns and Advocacy

Here at The Prosper Group, we've worked with candidates at every level – from winning presidential contenders to congressional candidates elected in top competitive districts to candidates for the state legislature and local offices.

Who should I talk to before running for office?

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Tips for Winning Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Topics: Social Media, Strategy, Expert Advice, Facebook, Twitter, Research, Branding

Are you an elected official, running for office, working on a political campaign, or thinking about running?

Do you have questions about social media marketing in politics?

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Expert Advice: Fundraising, OTT, & 2021 Strategy

Topics: Expert Advice, Fundraising, GOTV, Brian Kemp, Tommy Tuberville, Telephone Townhall, OTT, Strategy, Modeling, Facebook, Ted Cruz, Small-Dollar Fundraising

Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group [Part Two]

Recently, i360 and The Prosper Group teamed up to share strategic insights and opportunities heading into the final weeks of the 2020 election as well as look ahead to 2021 with: Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group.

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Expert Advice: Data Modeling and Digital Advertising

Topics: Expert Advice, GOTV, Strategy, Modeling, Advertising, Martha McSally, Fundraising, Facebook

Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group [Part One]

In case you missed it, i360 and The Prosper Group recently joined up to bring you information heading into the final weeks of the 2020 election for: Digital Down the Stretch with i360 & The Prosper Group.

Many of you have been following our Expert Advice series. In this series, we ask top campaign and advocacy professionals to answer the question important to you.

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