Digital Strategy

At PG we specialize in developing digital strategies for conservative campaigns and organizations. Our team of professionals has the technical experience and campaign expertise to develop online campaigns for all your needs. Rapid response, voter targeting, list building, or online fundraising, we’ve got you covered.

Online Fundraising

PG is recognized as innovators in online fundraising for conservatives. With over $40 million dollars raised online, the results speak for themselves. Let us put the expertise to work for you.

Website Development

Our design and development team has received numerous awards for web properties as the state and federal level. Whether you are looking to make a splash as part of a big campaign announcement or need a refresh of your current website, we can custom tailor a site to your campaign strategy and goals. Let’s talk.

Online Advertising

Your voters, supporters, and donors spend more time online every day. Ask us how we utilize the latest in online advertising technology to target and engage them directly with customized messages for your organization.

Email Marketing

It isn’t enough to simply send email to every email address you have in your computer of phone. We have expertise in building up email lists, strategies for delivering content, and converting subscribers into donors.

Social Media

How can you leverage Social Media to advance your campaign? Not only can we help you create engaging content to share on Facebook and Twitter, but we can help you expand the reach of your message and drive conversions throughout your digital campaigns.

Advocacy Campaigns

Integrated campaigns are winning campaigns. We will work with you to cultivate and engage an online network of supporters for your public policy issues. With the right tools, you can motivate them to amplify your message by posting online, making phone calls, and emailing elected officials.


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