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I talk good, & right even gooder. - Matt Cicconi

Matt is originally from rural PA (yes, apparently everyone from Pennsylvania says “PA”).  His tenacity for excellence, quality and communicative connection is where he began to shine as a digital content creator in the early 2000’s starting a small blog that grabbed the attention of the RNC.

After some time working as a Regional Field Director with the GOP, Matt’s keen sense of mastering how to persuade people became a skill that he would soon foray into running one of the most notable fundraising, content, and social media presences in 2015/16 – perhaps even political history at the time – serving as the Digital Director of Dr. Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign. 

He is most notably known as “the online voice of Ben Carson” due to his creation, direction, and strategy of “#AskBen”. This program garnered national media attention and millions of online interactions that led to an outpouring of national financial and grassroots support. If you happen to stumble across the (then) viral campaign video “Thanks, Hillary”, you will see Matt at the end bicep-curling Hillary Clinton’s book.

After the campaign’s conclusion, Matt worked in various positions as Digital Director and Digital Communications Director within the conservative arena, such as: American Conservative Union (ACU/CPAC), Christians United for Israel (CUFI), Americans United for Life (AUL), along with his own personal clients, like The Dove Channel’s “Frankly Faraci” and Walid Phares, to name a few.

There are many facets to Matt as a person, but there is only one thing that truly matters to him at the end of the day: his faith and relationship with Jesus. As a combat veteran – having spent 12 years in the U.S. Air Force – Matt’s perseverance and love for others is what drives him to create impactful content that elicits positive emotive results.

He now resides in Virginia and hopes to rescue a bulldog he can go hiking with. When he’s not creating content for PG, you can find him playing rugby, rolling in jiu jitsu, bodybuilding, or producing pithy quips and art designs for his personal passion project Ruff Patch.

…p.s. always an avid adorer of alliteration

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