Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. - Gen. George Patton

From presidential campaigns and super PACs to issue advocacy groups and highly sought-after consulting firms, Andrew Finnan has worked in data-driven, message-focused campaigns since 2000. 

Having joined The Prosper Group – an Indiana based full-service digital engagement agency – in 2016, Finnan served a tour as Director of Accounts. Now, he serves as the Vice President of Digital Strategy where he works with some of the most challenging races in our country, overseeing the design and implementation of digital engagement campaigns. Through well-planned and coordinated online tactics, targeting, data modeling, and optimization, he has fun designing winning digital strategies for The Prosper Group’s political campaigns, advocacy organizations and corporate clients in North America and Europe.

Recently, Finnan served as the top digital strategist to the Kemp for Governor campaign in Georgia. His shared efforts contributed to one of the largest voter turnouts in state history and a hard-fought win. Additionally, he was part of the digital team in 2 of the 3 winning GOP Congressional campaigns in 2018 whose House districts carried Hillary Clinton in 2016 – Will Hurd and John Katko. Having the opportunity to be involved in these tough races and working with great talent across the country is what makes this job exciting for Finnan. 

Prior to joining The Prosper Group in 2016, Finnan served as Digital Media Manager for Jeb 2016, where he managed digital spending across persuasion, email, and donor acquisition campaigns.

Finnan served as Campaign Manager for Refugee Protection at Human Rights First, where he led an advocacy campaign to persuade Congressional Republicans to strengthen the nation’s refugee and asylum system. During the 2012 election cycle, he served as Executive Producer at American Crossroads. Over the years Andrew has also led direct mail efforts and spearheaded sophisticated polling operations.

Andrew is graduate of St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, where he earned his BA in Political Science. He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia and has a Corgi named Auggie. Andrew was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, which contributed to his enjoyment of food. He often pretends to be a chef and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. During the winter he skis; in the summer he beaches.

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