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Voter Targeted Advertising and You

In the old days of political campaigning (>10 years ago) "voter targeting" typically meant blanketing a geographic area with mail, phone calls, and volunteers. The targeted geographies were chosen based on assumptions about voter demographics, income, or nearby employers. It was better than doing nothing at all, but it was still far from efficient.

Advances in technology and data availability have made this type of targeting obsolete, even for the lowest-level office seekers.

The advent of predictive data modeling during the 2004 election turned geographic targeting on its head, revolutionizing how campaigns persuaded and mobilized voters. No longer did we have to guess who or where our target voters were -- we knew. The efficiencies gained from microtargeting techniques allowed us to target voters much more effectively and ultimately save money.

Today the same techniques can be applied to online advertising. From banner ads, to pre-roll video, to social media, online voter targeting allows us to make sure your content is being put in front of the right voters. That is a level of efficiency we could not have even imagined a decade ago.

In fact, at The Prosper Group, we can take the voter file you are using for mail and phones and serve online advertising to that same universe of voters. That's tens of thousands of additional messaging opportunities served directly to the voter's connected devices. Did I mention that you can have that ad online the same day? Your mail vendor can't claim the same speedy turnaround!

This technology is revolutionizing political campaigns, and it's not just for Presidential candidates anymore. Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you get started.

Thomas Roberts is the Digital Engagement Manager for The Prosper Group. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @thomasjpr.

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