Indiana Alliance for Quality Senior Living

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The Indiana Alliance for Quality Senior Living commissioned The Prosper Group to aid in their efforts to beat legislation in Indiana. The Prosper Group developed a comprehensive digital strategy that leveraged social media, email marketing, online ads, and a custome website to encourage supporters to contact their legislator.

Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the campaign, The Prosper Group quickly tailored and launched social content and email copy to have maximum impact.

Through the Will YOU Defend Seniors? petition, developed by The Prosper Group, users were encouraged to stop the legislation by filling out the streamlined online form to contact legislators.

In order to broaden the scope and reach of the campaign, the Prosper Group incorporated social media tools into the website. Users were encouraged to join the conversation on Facebook by sharing related posts or liking the Indiana Alliance for Quality Senior Living's page.    

The timely and innovative digital strategy employed by The Prosper Group resulted in 5,803 actions that helped to kill the bill in 2014.

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